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Hello! You can call me CK, I'm a freelance writer. I mainly work with the fantasy and sci-fi genres, focusing on pieces that describe characters' emotional states and romantic interactions. You can find some examples of my work at the links below and most of the links at the bottom of this site. If you'd like to show your support, please check out my ko-fi!

Interested in a commission? Feel free to check out my commissions page (also linked at the top of the site)!


You can usually reach me by sending a direct message via Twitter, or you can send me an email using the link below.

Commission Info

Interested in a writing commission? Read my info, pricing, and terms of service at the links below!

Commission Status: Open
Available Slots: 5/5
In Progress: 0/5

You can contact me through my business email, [email protected], or send me a DM on Twitter, although I prefer email because the notification comes directly to me, and it makes it easier to keep track of descriptions and larger commission details.
I update the status of how many commissions I'm currently working on/if commissions are open/closed on this page in the description above.


$2 USD per ~100 words, minimum of 300 words due to how ko-fi processes payment. Once you’ve contacted me and we’ve discussed your commission you can make your payment through ko-fi.Please don’t pay before we’ve spoken and I’ve confirmed your commission.At this time there is a word cap of ~5100 max length for any piece (or 34 ko-fis, $102 USD). Chances are the finished piece might fall a little over the word mark, but I don’t charge extra for anything included on my part. (Ten words here or there isn’t a make or break thing.)I accept payment through Ko-Fi donations. You can find a link to that here or at the bottom of this site. Payment is required after the first check-in! At the halfway point of your piece (in terms of word count, when it’s half written) I will send you a sample to make sure that it is turning out the way you want. After that's discussed I will ask you for full payment of whatever price we’ve agreed upon. I will not send you the finished/full and edited product until I’ve received full payment.
Returning Commissioners and Multiple Commissions get a 15% discount! (rounded based on the kofi $3 increments, and only applies to commissions 600 words and up, because I'm taking payment through kofi 300 words is full price)

Commission Details

5 slots = 5 individual pieces, i.e. if one person commissions me for 5 different pieces, that’s all my slots.I try to keep my turn around time from ~2 weeks to a month. This can change depending on real life circumstances, the length of your piece, and how many other commissions I have in the queue before yours. I will give you updates such as the half written sample, and let you know when I’ve finished the first draft or started the editing stage if you’re interested. I do not work on commissions or check my email on the weekend. I’ve had to implement this policy for my own mental health, and may choose to forego it if I get immensely backed up, but considering the low number of commissions I’m accepting at a time that shouldn’t be a problem. Please keep this in mind in terms of both contacting me, and how much time that may add for me to finish your commission. Again, I’ll send you an update at the halfway point to ensure the piece reflects what you want – tell me any changes you want made AT THIS POINT, and if that means I have to rewrite a character or situation I will. Once you give me the go ahead I will finish the piece. After the final draft is written and I start the editing phase, I won’t go back and make any major changes to the piece in terms of scenarios or characterization.When I finish your piece I will send it to you through email as an attached word document, or in a google doc, or some other form of writing document. (Although those are the only two I’m really familiar with.) You also have the option for me to just post the finished piece on my writing blog, and I will make sure before I post any commissions if the client is comfortable with them being shared there or on any of my other public writing platforms.Disclaimer: If you request a longer piece please have some sort of action or plot in mind that you think could fit or be stretched to fit the word count. If you tell me you want a 5k word piece and the only description is “two characters drinking coffee” or something, chances are I will not be able to work with that, and I will let you know that I need more details/information. I have lots of writing examples of varying lengths on my blogs, which you can find on my examples page, from short 500 word pieces to 5k+, all with the word counts included, so those can give you an idea of what you’d be getting!)

What I Will Write

Self Inserts/OCs (I really love to write these, so I’m always pretty eager to work with them)OC x CanonVarious other types of fictional relationships (OC x OC, canon x canon, stuff with multiple characters, platonic/familial/romantic, etc. within reason; I don’t write anything that falls outside my personal boundaries; one example of this is writing real life people – I’m not personally comfortable with this, but I will write actors’ characters)Most genres/scenario types, i.e. I’ll write fluffy things (this is my strong suit) or angsty things or even things involving gore and character death, although some of the heavier stuff will need to be discussed. And again, I won’t write anything outside my personal boundaries.Slightly suggestive/NSFW situations (i.e. making out, second base, things starting to get steamy or characters thirsting after each other; stuff along those lines.) I draw the line on where I’m willing to write with this, so if you suggest something and it’s just a little too far past my limit, I’ll suggest that I can write it toned down or inform you that you'll need to find someone else.Will write for any fandom (as of now, I don’t think there are any I have any personal aversions to), but I always do better working with series or characters I know. If you want me to write for an existing property I have absolutely no experience with, you’ll have to give me a little extra time to research/get familiar with what I’ll be working with, and any information you can provide upfront is much appreciated (ex. wikis, art/other fics/moodboards/playlists/anything that could help me get a feel for the character(s).)I’ll write in pretty much any perspective you want (i.e. first person, x reader) but my default is 3rd person narrator. (Most of my example pieces reflect that.)If you have any questions or anything isn’t clear, feel free to message me!

What I Won't Write

Explicit, Porn w/out Plot NSFW (I won’t budge on this)Relationships I don’t personally agree with (such as incest or pedophilia) – This does not necessarily apply to aged up situations. Whether or not I feel comfortable writing certain characters aged up remains up to my discretion, but in general I have no issues with aged up characters.Anything to do with drug abuse or situations concerning mental illness or trauma/torture (i.e. someone being brutally abused/raped, etc.) – this does not include “This character has -insert mental illness- and wants some comfort for it in this situation” or something along those lines; in most cases that should be fine, however it’s an extremely touchy subject for me so I’ll take stuff like that on a case by case basis.

My Terms of Use

These terms are subject to change at my discretion.I reserve the right to decline any commission without defense or explanation.All sales are final. If I send you the halfway sample of your piece and you decide to cancel it at that point, I will still require you to pay for at least half of the word count I have already written to compensate for the work I’ve already done. If you cancel your commission at any time before I start writing it, you won’t be required to pay anything.All pieces of writing are for personal use only, i.e. share them on your blog or other writing centric sites (do not claim as your own, you must link back to one of my blogs/this site if you’re sharing it somewhere else.)I retain full rights to the written piece, such as being able to use it as an example of my work in a portfolio or something similar. I do not grant permission for any form of publishing, professional or otherwise, of any written commission without proof of my consent.

Writing and Commission Examples

My Writing Blog (writing tag)My Ao3 (also linked at bottom of site)Previous commission work examples (be advised, the bulk of my commissions are mainly self insert/oc x canon work): ( x | x | x | x | x | x ), you can also feel free to browse through my commissions tagSelf Insert Blog examples available upon request